Prime Economic Zones

Kigali Special Economic Zone

The special economic zone has been set up by the Government of Rwanda to address some key issues that may affect doing business by :
The Kigali Economic Zone has been designed to accommodate different types of industries including ;

Providing designated ,services land for small and large scale industrial development

Concentrating public resources in one area to reliable quality infrastructure

Providing a central location for anchor tenants , suppliers and contractors

Offering a business friendly regulatory framework that streamlines processes

Providing competitive fiscal regulations and streamlines administration while at the same time creating jobs in skills sectors and encouraging skills transfer...

It has been designed to accommodate different types of industries including heavy and light manufacturing industries ,large-scale users’ industrial plants, industries requiring excellent national and international communication network, industries requiring close links with other farms (those firms which produce component parts for the same product or those involved in separate stages of the same industrial process), commercial wholesalers, chemical, pharmacy and plastics, warehousing, tourism, service industry and telecommunication among other services.

Rwanda has strategic access to four countries and catchments area of a consumer market of nearly 50 million people reachable by road travel for barely four hours away from its capital city no matter which direction. This market has a purchasing power of US $1-2 billion in basic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and another US $1.5 billion in consumer durables.

To maximize benefits from this market, the GoR felt that an effective strategic response in the form of a Special Economic Zone to enhance the country’s competitiveness as a commercial/logistic hub was critical.

The existence of a Special Economic Zone is, therefore, a major advantage to the exploitation of Rwanda’s natural strategic location through the promotion of export-oriented industrial activities as well as re-exports trade, manufacturing, and services.

The Kigali Special Economic Zone was developed in two-phase ; Kigali Special Economic Zone Phase I and Kigali Special Economic Phase II